'I am a prolific, experimental and playful artist. I have always felt a connection to nature and the land and this is also a source of materials.
I'm passionate about empowering people through Visual Art and giving all an opportunity to explore and discover their own creativity.'

Therese Flynn-Clarke an experienced Educator and Artist is available for the teaching of art in workshops and classes for participants from early childhood to all ages and abilities. Therese Flynn-Clarke also offers Professional Development in Arts Education to Primary and Early Childhood teachers and other Educators, and is available for the facilitation of Arts Education and Exhibition curriculum linked sessions at Art Galleries and Cultural Services.Workshops/Professional Development can be tailored to suit needs and requirements of organisations with flexibility and consideration of requirements.Therese, a qualifies teacher and artist is also available to teach Australian Curriculum Arts programs in Primary and Secondary Schools.


...'your truly inspiring educational programs and workshops have taken on a really powerful life, due largely to your hard and imaginative work, and your real skill in engaging and involving those schools and teachers. You are exactly the kind of resource teacher and role model that we envisaged throughout the National Curriculum Arts project would be essential to make the curriculum work .' John O’Toole AM Chair, Flying Arts Alliance.

'The workshop was highly relevant. Therese was very prepared and most supportive. It was a positive to watch an experienced art educator – most valuable. A positive was opening kids to art . One student went home, hunted out her younger brother and created together an art work from found objects at home.' Jane, Teacher

'Therese was very prepared and began the day with a great connecting discussion to our theme. She offered a great range of art experiences.. It made the experiences connected to our lessons at the time. I have learnt new techniques to use in my own classroom lessons' Primary Teacher

'I have learned new techniques, met like-minded people. Have new insight into areas I had no knowledge of. Wonderful workshop. Thank you' Vikki, Artist

'New ideas and confidence in my abilities to teach art' Primary Teacher

'Thank you so much. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to attempt further ACARA planning!' Teacher

'The workshop was absolutely fantastic, great structure' Pam, Artist

'The best PD I’ve ever done. One of the most practical and usable workshops. Much appreciated.' Teacher

'Art isn’t just about drawing and painting…it’s about using your mind and being creative'. Heidi 9 yrs.

...'you have taught us so much and expanded our knowledge in not only Art but Science as well. You have inspired us all so incredibly much and we cannot thank you enough'... Year 9 students